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About us

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Who are we?
We are a group playing the crysis series and mostly Battlefield. 2011 we found together and established a clan.
The most important thing for us is enjoying the game and having fun.
We are planning to play clanwars and e-sport matches, too.

What are our goals?
We want to get a bigger community which is always well managed. We want competive and nice players. And that does not mean that you need to have ultra stats on your games!

Are you recruiting? What are you looking for?

Yes, indeed we're recruiting. As we said, we're looking for competive players, which shall have:
- teamplay- and fairplay-skills
- an age of at least 16
- TS3
- activity
The most important thing is the communication and the fun together. That's why we're not looking on stats or something. If someone got problems in things like tactics and stuff we will help and stick together!

You are interested in playing with us?