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JuliJump Clanmember
7 Posts
registered: 16.02.2012
24.12.2012, 10:28 offline quote 

Christmas special
by Avenge E-Sports

Avenge E-Sports is bringing you, the Crysis 2 community, a new website. We all know mycrysis and! I think we're all interested in making our community more exciting and powerful.

In our group are lots of good modders, designers and so on. They've given us much custom contents to make our game more interesting.

To share that amazing stuff clearly, we've created a site which shows custom maps, mods and texture packs. We hope to give hereby more fun on the custom works!

Thanks to the modders: WarSpirit, the HNT Clan, IGORT_CRYMAP, Ozykz, Blutaar, promuckaj, and balint94.

Merry Christmas mates!

BTW: I got a second surprise for you! A new Instant Action without Scar-laser, by my side (;.

Contact me on:
- Xfire: julijump
- Steam: julian1sachs
- ESL: 6171469
- Crysis2: lJuliJumpl
- Battlefield 3: JuliJump
- YouTube: Juli1Jump
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