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Nickname: StevieChacon500
Status: offline
Usertitle: Rank 1
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Real Name: Stephanie Kingsford
Gender: male
Age: 16.06.1980 (38 years)
Location: Norway Hengelo
Registered since: 03.01.2018 - 18:29
Last Login: 13.01.2018 - 01:17

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Clan: Kingsford (14)
Irc-Channel: UnDead
Clan-History: HTB
CPU: 1.8 celeron
Mainboard: n/a
RAM: n/a
Monitor: n/a
Graphics card: n/a
Soundcard: n/a
I-Connection: Nethouse 2000
Keyboard: n/a
Mouse: n/a
Mousepad: n/a
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